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Dear people! B_160_400_0_ffffff_c5c5c5_ffffff_000080_1_1_0
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 Dear people!

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PostSubject: Dear people!   Dear people! Empty1st April 2012, 11:07

*CAG* stands for Coduo Addicted Gang and we are a clan what keeps the fun as first.

We really don't need pointhunters or other special assclowns what use config tunings and so on. If we guess you do such dumb kid stuff then be sure we keep an eye on you and we will ban you faster as you can say "Hi" (provided that the suspicion is confirmed).

Our friendships with clans around the world is important to us. One of this clans is {[SACK]}. Most of our founder members (include my person) was formerly in {[SACK]}. At this way I send a big greeting to them and take my imaginary hat off to Eye, Deuce and D4.

Make sure you play by our rules! At last, but not least: have fun!


Btw.: If you are banned more than one day (usually it is one day) then stay away and please don't use the cracked guid numbers to join. We don't need such foolish kids on our servers. Join elsewhere, because there are enough servers where you can use your pretty kid-cheats!
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Dear people!
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