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    17th June 2017, 18:53
    Message by RKKА - Hello
    Hey Van! My account: RKKA and email that u send me a message. I tried to make 3 new accounts but could not write :D I play CoD 6 or 7 years and never use any hacks cos it's not interesting to play with cheats. About distance... - yes, sometimes it happens. Given ping, I take the goal in advance on several steps and therefore I get. But the truth is not always lol. Usually I use rifles in the game, I prefer this weapon because it trains accuracy. But why then when you win everyone starts to think that you use cheats, hacks and other... Btw, i am 37, old man for these nabs things; from Saratov, is a city near Stalingrad, Russia. Sometimes play 1.41 on my FrontZet serv with friends, and i like to kill Trane Van Dyke there :D

    p.s. sorry for bad english:)
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    17th June 2017, 16:11
    Message by RKKА - Account activate
    Hi Van Helsing! My account here doesn't work correctly and Mc says that you can help to activate it. Pls activate my account so that I can write posts.

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    25th July 2012, 20:54
    Message by *Trane* - Happy Last Birthday!
    Dear Van Helsing!
    I'm sorry, that does not wish you a Happy Birthday on time. This is not like a friend, I know. I've had affairs and issues that could not congratulate you. But I remembered about your Birthday. You do not think that I forgot your Birthday.
    Vanny, I congratulate you with the Happy Last Birthday. I wish you all the very best that is in the world. You health, happiness, luck, love, fun, really big money, fortune, positive, good job (or career), many, many holidays and very much friends!
    З Дзень Нараджэнне! С Днём Рождения!

    Great *Trane*_Van_Dyke.

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