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    9th September 2015, 16:03
    Message by McCansee - Somethings what I don't miss!
    Hello guys!
    I heard some things what I dislike to hear. What's up? Are some of you off? Dumb? Running mad? To much sun?

    Make sure the teams are most times even and fair! Surely it is possible that we play 1-2 matches together, but then it is boring for other players if our team wins, wins, wins! And this was what I don't believed: others were kicked if the game runs against CAG. That won't work chicks! In german we say GEHTS NOCH?

    Play fair and wear our tags like it has to be! It is correct that I doesn't have time to play, but that is no reason for some members to feel free and act like bitches. Even if you have rcon. Understand?

    Mc out
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